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Royall Vetiver Noir EDT 120ml

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A true fragrance classic has emerged to captivate the senses. Crafted with elegance and expertly infused with earthy sensuality, Royall Lyme Bermuda's Vetiver Noir puts a fresh twist on a classic. A zesty kick of citrus blends with sophisticated florals. Warm amber then leads into a background of oakmoss and rich woods. The handsome packaging is reminiscent of the Bermuda of old. The moulded bottles are crafted from hand-made glass and feature pewter-coloured crown caps. The bottle is then individually wrapped in fine parchment with a crown wax seal. These rich seals are made with the same wax used by the Bank of England. ‐ Original clay mould glass bottle ‐ Parchment wrapped ‐ Iconic crown wax seal ‐ Made in the USA ‐ 120ml

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